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Service Amount
Consultation longer than 15 mins €May cost more than €60
Standard Consultation €60
Consultation & Bloods €70
Child Consultation (those < 18 years without a GMS/DVC card) €40
Student Consultation €40
Nurse Consultation €40
ALL Blood Test €20
Review Consultation (Within 10 Days) €40
Phone Consultation €40
Follow Up Phone Consultation €20
Two Children Consultation €70
Administration letters €20
Annual Diabetic Medical Review - includes Nurse consult, full review, BMI, ECG and follow up GP Consult €120
Well Man/Woman Check - includes full physical, BMI, Urinalysis, Peak Flow and cardiovascular risk assessment €100
Private Prescription €20
Miscellaneous Letters / Forms €20
Medico-Legal Consult (Not covered by GMS Card) €60
Consultant blood test (GMS & Private) €20
ABI (Ankle brachial index) €40
Intrauterine Device Insertion or Exchange (e.g. Mirena) for GMS/DVC patient €20
Private Cervical Smear- Pre Pay on Eurofins (https://shop-biomnis.ecwid.com) €50 Nurse fee to do Smear
Cervical Smear (Cervical Check) €No Charge (When Due)
Ear Syringe (Nurse Only) €40
ECG €30
Spirometry €50
Cryotherapy €From 30
Intrauterine Device Insertion or Exchange (e.g. Mirena) €200
Intrauterine Device Removal (e.g. Mirena) €60
Implanon Insertion €120
Implanon exchange (Insertion and Removal) €150
Implanon Removal €120
Depot Contraception €30
Sexual Health Screen €80
24 Hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor €60
Travel Vaccinations €Variable cost
Pneumococcal Vaccine €20
Meningitis B Vaccine €140/dose 2 doses required
Private Medical Certificate €20
Joint Injections (GMS) €30
Joint Injections (Private) €Variable - is covered by health insurance
Work Occupational Health Medical €60
Sports Medical €50
Driving Licence Medical €30
Driving License Eyetest - Group 1 Only (Group 2 require Optician review) €20
Dressing (Cost of dressings not included) €20
Fostering/Adoption Forms €50