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Sexual Transmitted Infection screening

Many people who have an STI (sexually transmitted infection) do not have any symptoms and therefore do not even know they have one. If left untreated some STIs can cause long-term problems such as infertility.

Did you know?

  • You should have regular sexual health check-ups once you start having sex, change partners or start a new relationship
  • If you have any symptoms or worries about your sexual health then arrange an STI screening straightaway
  • Some STIs show no visible symptoms so you won't always know if you need a check-up
  • There is no single test to detect all STIs; through discussing with your doctor your sexual history and symptoms, the appropriate tests will be chosen which can include a urine test, a swab, a blood test or a simple physical examination

If you test positive for an STI you will need to tell your sexual partners so they can be tested also. If you test negative for an STI it is advisable that you protect yourself and future partners by practising safe sex and by having regular STI screenings. Treatments for STIs can range from antibiotics to creams or antiviral drugs.