The current situation requires all patients to be mindful of the public health emergency situation that is ongoing. Currently all non-essential routine appointments in the surgery are to be cancelled until further notice.  The COVID-19 virus is spreading and we all need to take a rigid and sensible approach to reducing the risk of transmission. We strongly advise all patients to heed current advice and to remain at home. All unnecessary travel outside the home is to be avoided. Please contact the surgery for advice in the setting of any significant medical issues.

For those patients with cough, fever or shortness of breath they should self-isolate. Please the following link for advice on self-isolation

Anyone with these symptoms should not attend work or leave the home environment. We ask patients with these symptoms to NOT ATTEND THE SURGERY but to call if any concerns.
All appointments are undergoing triage to ensure the safety of all patients and staff. Patients who require to be seen, should come alone if possible.
Social distancing is being implemented in waiting rooms and isolation rooms are available if required.

Access to COVID-19 testing is restricted to those who are symptomatic and lie within the at risk groups. Patients will mild symptoms are not being tested (outside of these at risk groups) and NEED TO SELF-ISOLATE for 14 day. Patients with no symptoms after 14 days and have had no fever x 5 days may come out of self-isolation. However it is still vital to maintain social distancing practice other advised measures to prevent spread of this virus.

Patrickswell Surgery will close until further notice due to the inability to ensure the safety of patients due to lack of isolation facilities

The patients most at risk from this virus appear to be the elderly, those with chronic respiratory, cardiac or immunosuppressive diseases such as those on cancer treatment.
Children don't appear to be having significant complications with this illness but are seen as vectors transmitting the virus. Because of this, we recommend that
children should not be left with older relatives in view of the risk of transmission to them.

For those who are unwell, illness benefit with at an enhanced rate kicks in from day one of the illness. This is for those who are diagnosed with COVID-19 or have to self-isolate
due to their symptoms. This benefit does not apply unfortunately to people who are not unwell

This is a challenging time for us all. We appreciate your patience and understanding that will enable us to minimise the impact that this virus will have. If you have any
concerns please contact the surgeries

For up to date information on the COVID-19 Virus please click on the following HSE link :

Influenza Vaccine
For information of who requires the influenza vaccine please click on the following link: Flu Vaccination Information

Under 6s GP Visit Cards
Patients who wish to register with the practice for an Under 6s GP visit card may do so by choosing Dr Ger Lane/Dr Alison English as the doctor
with whom they wish to register. Dr John English is not signing patients onto this contract currently.
To register for an Under 6s GP Visit Card click on this link Under 6s Doctor Visit Card Online Application.
Over 70s GP Visit Card
All patients over 70 years of age who currently do not have a medical card or GP visit card are as of August 2015 eligible for a GP doctor visit card. Patients who wish to register with this practice for an Over 70s GP visit card may do so by choosing Dr Alison English/Dr John English/Dr Ger Lane
To register for an Over 70s GP Visit Card click on this link Over 70s Doctor Visit Card Online Application

These new contracts places extra pressures on services within this practice. As a consequence there may be increased waiting times or difficulties accessing services. During this transitional phase we would appreciate your patience and understanding. If you have any queries don't hesitate to contact us in any of the practices. Patients are reminded that this is an open practice and all patients may continue to visit any of the GPs within the practice.

Contact numbers: 
Park Lodge Medical Centre  061-416993
Medicentre Clinic 061-311814
Patrickswell Clinic 061-355440

General Practitioners:                                  
Dr John English
Dr Alison English
Dr Ger Lane
Dr Patrick O Donnell
Dr Gillian Slattery

Mrs Barbara English

New patients welcome
Out Of Hours Service provided by Limerick Doc. Phone: 087-7551570